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And here is the second AMF TV ad – also a little bit banned…

One radio interview from today gives the context – in this case on ABC 612 with Steve Austin, but also with the Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson agreeing that our side of the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate has every right to e heard and not to be censored or silenced.

This was my article at Mercatornet published yesterday:

Last week the anniversary of an old injustice and the prospect of a new injustice came together and challenged us. March 21 was the second anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption. In 2013 our then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, spoke movingly to the nation about “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”.

The Australian Marriage Forum TV ad that SBS banned…

For details of all that has gone on in March, please see my blog posts at www.AustralianMarriage.org

The little video above started it all; half a million views in the first four days.

So much fuss over stating the obvious: that a child, wherever possible, should have the chance of a mother and a father.

My Courier Mail article (first link below) goes into that some more:

VIDEO: Abortion, “the silent innocence of the unborn”

I have finally got around to editing the third in a series of brief talks / Q&A from the Think.Again Conference, Sunshine Coast Queensland 2014.

“The only crime, they say, is that of interfering with a woman’s absolute right to decide if she is ready to be a mother. But a woman is already a mother, for better for worse, when she is first “with child” and there is no right to take a life which is not ours to take. Consenting adults who conceive have a duty of care to their baby which nothing can set aside. The law must uphold that duty and uphold the fundamental prohibition against intentional killing.”

VIDEO: Euthanasia & the ‘Duty to Die’

I thought I needed to lighten up a bit, so here is a new video – culled from the same conference as the ‘harms of homosexual marriage’ video – on euthanasia. In particular, the way that legalised mercy-killing would corrupt the State’s relationship with its most vulnerable citizens, and doctors’ relationship with their most vulnerable patients. Featuring former Governor General Bill Hayden’s famous urging of “unproductive burdens” to “disencumber” themselves and do the right thing by society…

The Gosnell movie – first, an indictment of media cowardice

It is almost too devastating a subject to think about – but just watch the gentle determination of these three film producers and be inspired.

Could this be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion movement?

Gosnell was a butcher beyond imagining, and his crimes inflicted upon the bodies of struggling babies stand alongside Nazi horrors.

But because of the collective social psychopathy about abortion – the need to call this modern holocaust ‘good’ – the Mainstream Media stifled the story in the US.

VIDEO – In time for Mother’s Day, while children still have the right to a Mother.

This video is based on a talk and panel Q&A on the Sunshine Coast a few weeks back:

The blurb runs as follows:

“Same-sex marriage is a coldly calculated decision of Government to create motherless families, to create fatherless children… That is very, very bad policy”.

As a family doctor and President of the Australian Marriage Forum (www.AustralianMarriage.org) David van Gend makes an unflinching yet respectful case against the move to same-sex ‘marriage’. He urges that the rights of a child should take priority over the demands of homosexual adults, and addresses all the usual issues of concern during a brief talk and panel Q&A in Queensland, 2014.

Rabbi Sachs inspiring: on being “creative minorities” in our dying civilisation

First Things Erasmus Lecture “On Creative Minorities” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from First Things on Vimeo.

This is why we need “public intellectuals” – so they can gather the insights of 2700 years and condense them into a message that is both enlightening and encouraging. From the culture-forming insights of the prophet Jeremiah to the culture-wrecking barbarity both within and without the walls of the West, Britain’s Chief Rabbi of the last twenty years shows how the Covenant that has sustained both Jews and Christians can still sustain us, and with us as a “creative minority”, there is still hope for our grandchildren’s world.

VIDEO: SBS Insight and the gay art of “taking offence”

So much needing saying on this week’s SBS Insight programme on gay marriage – and so little permitted to be said. A friend and former AMA State president (pictured next to me) was invited to travel from Tasmania to contribute but was not allowed a single word – despite the interminable waffle by Senator Wong and the gents on the couch with her.

UNSW debate with Prof Williams & Alex Greenwich: Gay Marriage

The video is up for last week’s debate at UNSW where I joined Patrick Langrell in an exchange with the Professor of Law, George Williams AO, and the head of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich (who is standing for Clover Moore’s vacated seat in the NSW Parliament).

A civil occasion with over a hundred students and Nobody Behaving Badly. Prof Williams had weighed in after the defeat of gay marriage federally giving support to various State proposals to change the law – which is curious in an expert in constitutional law, given that there could be no more black-and-white specification in the Constitution of marriage as a commonwealth responsibility.

VIDEO: Forum with Queer Society at Sydney Uni…

A student made a very low-definition video recording of the forum from Tuesday this week (21st Aug), and the clip below has my attempt to capture the ‘heart of the matter’ against same-sex marriage for a very mixed audience of about 150 bods, lots of them eating in the Manning Bar and paying little attention. My spiel is from about 2min 20:

VIDEO Prof Carter’s Toowoomba visit: Cool Consideration of Global Warming


With humble apologies from the Brisbane producer of the video for delays beyond his control: here is the full, high quality coverage of his address at the University of Southern Queensland.

(NB If those who ordered a video do not yet have a copy, please let me know)

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