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Federal Court: marriage laws NOT “discriminatory” (Hello, Media??)

The mainstream media largely ignored the Federal Court ruling by Justice Jayne Jagot last month that our federal law blocking same-sex marriage is not discriminatory. But the ever-vigilant Andrew Bolt did report it on 4th March:

Andrew wrote:

A gay man is as free as a straight man to marry a woman.A lesbian is as free as any other woman to marry a man. That’s equality.

What same-sex marriage activists want is very different — a new freedom to marry someone of the same sex. What they want isn’t marriage at all, since marriage is the union of a man with a woman, excluding all others.

Half a million French wave the flag for “paternity, maternity, equality”

Spectacular rally in Paris this week, with hundreds of thousands of French families and activists and even some gay groups objecting to the demolition of the meaning of marriage, and to the abolition of a child’s birthright to both a mother and father. Bigger than the Grande Armee of Napoleon – let’s hope it shakes the Socialist President into sanity.

Interestingly, the passion is as much, or more, about the legal right for same-sex couples to adopt or use surrogacy / IVF to obtain a child.

UNSW debate with Prof Williams & Alex Greenwich: Gay Marriage

The video is up for last week’s debate at UNSW where I joined Patrick Langrell in an exchange with the Professor of Law, George Williams AO, and the head of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich (who is standing for Clover Moore’s vacated seat in the NSW Parliament).

A civil occasion with over a hundred students and Nobody Behaving Badly. Prof Williams had weighed in after the defeat of gay marriage federally giving support to various State proposals to change the law – which is curious in an expert in constitutional law, given that there could be no more black-and-white specification in the Constitution of marriage as a commonwealth responsibility.

Sanity in the Senate: gay marriage rejected

As with the House of Reps earlier this week, the news today is reassuringly sane: “Senate Rejects Gay Marriage”

As I posted at the Australian Marriage Forum website, we have seen men and women from all parties (except the Greens) focus on the simple truth about what marriage is – this greatest social institution built on the most solid biological foundation – and why, for the sake of the love between mother, father and child, it must not be tinkered with.

Overall, the combined vote of the House and the Senate was more than a 2 to 1 majority!!

Double standard: the Senator and the Actor

Down in Canberra for the Nats Federal Conference this weekend, and a chance to take in another excellent occasion: the 25th annual Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast this morning – good company, old and new. More topically, today was the start of the gay marriage debate in the Senate. I caught up with everyone’s favourite Senator, the “not pretty, but pretty effective” Ron Boswell. He was working on his speech for the gay marriage debate, and gave a typically sincere and forthright rendition about midday, which I watched from the gallery.

At one point he put down his notes and spoke with a directness and passion that we have seen so often in his 30 years of service in the Senate:

Same-sex marriage says that a mother or a father does not matter to a child—and it does. Two mothers or two fathers cannot raise a child properly. Who takes a boy to football? Who tells him what is right from wrong? What does he do—go along with the two mums? How does he go camping and fishing? Yes, there might be some attempt by one of the mothers to fill in as a father figure but it will not work. It is defying nature. And what about a young girl changing from a teenager into a young woman? Is it fair to say to her, ‘You don’t have a mother; your mother can’t take you shopping’ or to not be able to help her understand how her body is changing? What are we trying to do here? Why are we trying to defy what has been the right thing for hundreds of thousands of years? What suddenly gives us the inspiration to think that we can have gay marriage and it will not affect anyone?
That is a concern that might be obvious to many people but predictably AAP rubbished his ‘dinosaur’ comments about the problems with two women ‘marrying’ (“Who takes the boy to football?… Who takes him camping and fishing?”) and the Twit-abuse is still flowing like a sewer.
How timely, then, that only yesterday an esteemed gay actor – Rupert Everett – said basically the same thing. Because the actor is gay, he can speak common sense (HERE) without comitting a hate-crime:
The star of the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love blazed a trail for gay actors when he came out as homosexual 20 years ago. However, he has been criticised by gay rights groups after giving an interview in which he decried same-sex couples who have children. The 53-year-old told the Sunday Times Magazine that his mother Sara had met his boyfriend but “still wishes I had a wife and kids.” “She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her,” he said. “I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.”
And his mother is not of the sentimental activist type, where only “marriage equality” will do for her son; she would rather he met a nice girl and settled down and started family…
Mrs Everett, 77, told how she knew her son was gay from when he turned 18, and described her desire for him to have children.
“In the past, I have said that I wish Rupert was straight and, I probably still feel that,” she said. “I’d like him to have a pretty wife. “I’d like him to have children. He’s so good with children. He’d make a wonderful father. “But I also think a child needs a mummy and a daddy. I’ve told him that and he takes it very well. He doesn’t get angry with me. He just smiles.”
Their comments were likely to cause rancour with gay couples with children such as Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish, who have a one-year-old son, Zachary.
Well said, Mrs Everett: I hope the next conference of PFLAGG has you come and address them. As to the straightforward son: good for him, too. He is able to break the bubble of adult-centred narcissism that wraps so many gay activists, and instead think of the child’s basic natural needs.
So,where are the other gay men and women who are prepared to stand up for the rights of a child to know the love of both a mother and father? Where is your courage and decency to speak against a proposed law that will institutionalise the motherless or fatherless family?
UPDATE: Text of Senator Boswell’s speech HERE

VIDEO: Forum with Queer Society at Sydney Uni…

A student made a very low-definition video recording of the forum from Tuesday this week (21st Aug), and the clip below has my attempt to capture the ‘heart of the matter’ against same-sex marriage for a very mixed audience of about 150 bods, lots of them eating in the Manning Bar and paying little attention. My spiel is from about 2min 20:

Cute Aussie video with a solid message on marriage

Created by some young talent, this is a whirlwind tour of what the Mariage Act in Australia does and not provide for. And why… Refreshingly ‘back to nature’, which will no doubt upset the Greens. Enjoy – then add to the thousand or so ‘likes’ and make this one go viral this flu season, to make everybody feel better.

ARTICLE: “Will incestuous couples want marriage rights?”

In response to recent comments by the polyamorous types about the need to extend true ‘marriage equality’ to groups, not just gays, and also a recent case in Europe about the merits of incestuous marriage, the Equal Love lobby have been in damage control. The Australian published a piece HERE by Rodney Croome, principal organiser of the gay marriage campaign, trying to refute the inexorable logic of “equality for all adults who love each other”.

Again in response, I sent this in at short notice on behalf of the Australian Marriage Forum. If you do not have access to the Aus online HERE, this is the full published text:

Mother-Father-Child: defending social sanity before the Senate

Seen in Melbourne today at the Senate Committee enquiry into the Green’s homosexual marriage Bill (Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010): your scribe appearing as Chairman of the Australian Marriage Forum (www.australianmarriage.org.au); Jim Wallace AM Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby; and Dr Lachlan Dunjey, convenor of Doctors for the Family who represented about 150 co-signatory doctors. Photo taken by a psychiatrist friend, technology by Apple. A range of contributors for and against the Bill: lawyers, ethicists, gay groups, one former homosexual man now a father of three, the indefatigable champion of the family Bill Muehlenberg, and sundry others including the above.

My very own ‘vilification’ case…

Thanks to that loyal comrade, Ron Boswell, for weighing in on my behalf today with a speech in the Senate – concerning the contemptible ‘vilification’ complaint I had to deal with today.

Andrew Bolt cannot question racial politics, Christian pastors cannot criticise Islam, and family doctors may not assert a child’s birthright to be raised by both a mother and father without the law coming down on them! I will be moving at the upcoming State Council of the Queensland LNP that the offending section 124A of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 be repealed, or massively amended, to prevent it being used as a truncheon for the thought police, as plain political harassment.

ARTICLE in The Australian rounds off a good week contra gay marriage

A dad does matter to a child, whether gay couples like it or not

David van Gend

This article today in The Australian was in response to the double-barreled ‘bigot’ attack in the Weekend Australian eight days earlier. See the original articles by Peter van Onselen HERE and by James Valentine HERE.

To be fair, The Australian ran a serious, balanced editorial three days ago, see HERE, and this weekend Christopher Pearson took issue with van Onselen. Still, it was good to be able to reinforce the ‘heart of the matter’ (being the birthright of any child to have at least the chance of her own mum and dad) as well as some of the second-tier consequences of homosexual marriage… read on!

Prof Somerville perfect against same-sex “marriage”

Having travelled to Sydney last Thursday to hear (amongst other meetings) Margaret Somerville speak at UNSW, it seemed a pity that a larger audience was not encountering her civil and compelling arguments. Hence the pleasure of seeing this fine article of hers in today’s Weekend Australian – see HERE

Prof Somerville is something of a national treasure of both Australia and her ‘other home’, Canada: Order of Australia, special UN ethics awards, more honorary doctorates than is reasonable, and a list of publications and public addresses reams thick.

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