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Alma & Katrina: centenary of jihad in Australia

Jihad centenerayNew year’s day 1915, exactly one hundred years ago, and a 17 year old girl, Alma Cowie, is killed in Broken Hill by a jihadi gunman. This, like the iihad killing of Katrina Dawson (pictured) and Tori Johnson at the Lindt cafe, was in response to a call from the ‘Caliph’ in the middle east for all Muslims to enact their sacred duty of ‘individual jihad’ against the western infidel. A duty enjoined in Islam since its beginnings and enacted innumerable times over 1300 years by faithful Muslims. Not the ‘lone wolves’ with ‘mental problems’ that ever-so-nice twits in the media and politics waffle about. Angry young Muslim men, raging for the supremacy of their religion, hot for violence and their 72 virgins. One of Australia’s bravest scholars of Islam, Mark Durie, writes today of this ancient and modern phenomenon – if we read one serious article for the new year, and for our nations’ future, let this be it.

The black flag of Mordor

Islamic State on the march

Islamic State on the march

We search for words that capture what we are witnessing: “demonic” is vivid and “psychotic” captures the derangement of it – but both are just excuses. This is the ancient face of tribal collective evil – the lust enjoyed by young men in slaying and enslaving the tribal enemy; the lie from old men who give this evil a ‘religious’ justification. We have seen the face of it in every ancient saga, every totalitarian movement and every tribal / religious massacre; from Achilles to Attila, Joshua to Mohammed. And now we see it again, erupting and consuming these gentle people.

Blasphemy and Mrs Bibi

Mrs BibiSydney-Muslim-behead-all-those
This poor Christian mother of five is still being tormented by Pakistan’s evil laws against ‘blaspheming Islam’, which regrettably are a core tenet of sharia law. Remember the Sydney placards, “Behead all those who insult the Prophet”? Remember Salman Rushdie, Theo van Gogh, the Danish cartoonist or Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

See my earlier posts from 2010, after two Muslim women accused her, unwitnessed down at the village well, of ‘insulting the Prophet Mohammed’. Recall the catastrophic consequences for honourable Pakistani leaders who dared defend her and challenge the religious mob on this wicked law: Tyranny Ancient & Modern

Egyptian Christians under assault from the Brotherhood

Coptic church burntThe Coptic Christians, who have been in Egypt since the very earliest days – firm tradition linking the evangelist Mark in AD 33 to the founding of the church in Alexandria, peaking in the golden era of the fourth century with Origen and Clement – are now being terrorised and their churches destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam did not exist until the seventh century, but Christians are considered by the more orthodox Muslims to be infidels and inferior citizens in their own land.

Fairfax press today reports:

Roots of Jihadism in Europe: STRATFOR

Note: STRATFOR is a leading source of international security analysis; a subscription is required for full access but the authors are happy for the ‘Security Weekly’ to be reproduced with acknowledgement. Link below. This update today is an excellent overview of (accelerating) Islamist activity in Europe, with obvious lessons for Australia – although our situation is closer to that of the US. Note the passage from ‘The Roots of the Problem’:

Though a large portion of Muslims in Europe come from families who have lived there for four or five generations, many have not become integrated into European society and frequently live in isolated, Muslim-dominated areas. Moreover, while Europe as a whole is suffering from the economic crisis, the Muslim population has been hit particularly hard and the unemployment rate for young Muslims is alarmingly high in many parts of Europe. This, in addition to the frequent discrimination against Muslims in the job market, leaves many Muslims feeling alienated, disenfranchised and resentful. When this resentment is combined with the European welfare state, in which working is not necessary to survival, many of these Muslims have the opportunity to be exposed to radical discourse and to become involved in radical political or even militant activity.

Jihad 2012: Christmas killings update

The figures are in for the Christmas killing season of Nigerian and Egyptian Christians. My lament last year in the ‘Price of Freedom’ section read:

Jihad and the plight of Christians

Jihadism may not be able to do much more to western countries than murder a dozen here and a thousand there, but its impact is catastrophic on residual Christian communities in certain Muslim lands. Why is this not the focus of far more international diplomacy, and why does it hardly rate a mention in the international news?

9/11 ten years on: A fine tribute to the heroes of Flight 93.


A warm and wise reflection from the man who was in the right place at the right time to coordinate the response to this hideous Islamist mass murder: “the response came like a single hand over a single heart”. The words from Lincoln fit to perfection at the end. Contrast that measured, mature nobility to the screams of Islamist fanaticism.

And as to the special moment where all Congressmen spontaneously broke into ‘God Bless America’, join in that moment at Mark Steyn’s audio review of that song and that moment, HERE.

Islam and the self-censoring of Europe

Read and be very worried for one of the hardest-won freedoms of the western world – the core freedom to challenge all ideas, philosophies or religions in the court of public opinion.

A world where native citizens of Europe, the culture where democracy was invented and defined by Aristotle as “free citizens deliberating the question: how shall we order our lives together?”, can no longer deliberate certain questions deemed “unacceptable” by an intimidated elite. Where speaking the truth in public argument on a matter of existential importance to society is no defense against conviction for ‘insulting speech’; where one is not judged by one’s peers but by a panel of state censors.

Sudanese sadism or shariah justice?

Watch this modern barbarity and be enraged: a Sudanese woman is whipped by uniformed ‘morals police’ for daring to wear trousers in public. She is whipped in  the face, she crawls on the ground like a frightened dog, and a male onlooker laughs.

Then we hear from a spokesman for Amnesty International – an Englishman caught awkwardly between polite mush-brained multiculturalism (not wanting to ‘impose the cultural views of the West on other cultures’) and the need to speak plainly about blatant brutality. AI and others need to cut the cultural equivalence claptrap: any man who strikes a woman is vile, and any culture that condones such vileness in its statutes stands condemned.

Tyranny ancient & modern

Mrs BibiTell me how this act of totalitarian violence in Pakistan is any less evil than the burning of protestant heretics or the execution of Soviet class-enemies. Today, in democratic Pakistan, a Christian mother of five is denounced by some Muslim women for allegedly saying disparaging things about Mohammed – a Muslim religious figure to whom the Christian woman has no connection or loyalty – and a court in Pakistan condemns her to hang for blasphemy.

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