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And here is the second AMF TV ad – also a little bit banned…

One radio interview from today gives the context – in this case on ABC 612 with Steve Austin, but also with the Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson agreeing that our side of the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate has every right to e heard and not to be censored or silenced.

This was my article at Mercatornet published yesterday:

Last week the anniversary of an old injustice and the prospect of a new injustice came together and challenged us. March 21 was the second anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption. In 2013 our then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, spoke movingly to the nation about “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”.

The Australian Marriage Forum TV ad that SBS banned…

For details of all that has gone on in March, please see my blog posts at www.AustralianMarriage.org

The little video above started it all; half a million views in the first four days.

So much fuss over stating the obvious: that a child, wherever possible, should have the chance of a mother and a father.

My Courier Mail article (first link below) goes into that some more:

Blasphemy and Mrs Bibi

Mrs BibiSydney-Muslim-behead-all-those
This poor Christian mother of five is still being tormented by Pakistan’s evil laws against ‘blaspheming Islam’, which regrettably are a core tenet of sharia law. Remember the Sydney placards, “Behead all those who insult the Prophet”? Remember Salman Rushdie, Theo van Gogh, the Danish cartoonist or Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

See my earlier posts from 2010, after two Muslim women accused her, unwitnessed down at the village well, of ‘insulting the Prophet Mohammed’. Recall the catastrophic consequences for honourable Pakistani leaders who dared defend her and challenge the religious mob on this wicked law: Tyranny Ancient & Modern

Support Senator Brandis & Free speech – last day to act!

George Brandis

Public submissions into the proposed amendments of section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act close on the 30th April – tomorrow.

It would be 5 mins well spent if you care to log onto the website HERE

– to have a quick look at the proposal, and click on the email link:


– and say something to the effect that you support the Attorney-General’s attempts to defend free speech for all citizens, and his intention to remove the laws that stopped Andrew Bolt discussing some matters of public importance just because some other citizens felt “offended”.

Article: “Above all liberties” (with bonus endorsement by Mark Steyn!)


Bit of a buzz when a friend tells you that Mark Steyn has quoted you at his site. If you don’t know why, you should read more of this most courageous and outrageous writer at www.SteynOnline.com

He could have got me for infringing intellectual property rights, since much of the article uses lines minted by Steyn or points made by him – but that is because he is the best mind on this subject, and has no objection to others multiplying his efforts.

AUDIO: “Above all liberties” – and the Q&A anti-Bolt debacle


Senator George Brandis on Q&A: a rock of liberty amidst a swamp of lefties

Having just watched Q&A with federal Attorney-General Brandis urging the need to allow all opinions to be heard as part of robust public argument, while the other panellists urged him to  silence any unacceptable and offensive opinion, I have decided to post the audio of the talk I gave this weekend to the NCC Queensland conference.

I do it as a mark of respect for the firm resolve of the AG last night, and in particular for the ongoing courage of journalist Andrew Bolt – the person the other Q&A panellists felt free to vilify in the same breath as they decried the mildest “vilification” of anyone else. Note Andrew’s response on his Blog tonight, keeping his dignity in the face of such bile:

St George poised to slay the dragon of thought-suppression

This may be the most important announcement in the election campaign: PM-in-waiting Tony Abbott has declared today that he and Senator George Brandis are committed “to roll back Labor’s laws that limit free speech on the basis of not ‘giving offence’, defend religious freedom and reform the Australian Human Rights Commission.”

Senator Brandis is the man for this job. I only hope he will not just inflict a flesh wound on this greens-left dragon but will slay it good and proper. I know he will roll back the laws, but rolling back a dragon and tickling its belly is not good enough.

Sydney LMI talk: “to argue freely according to conscience”

Great group of Lachlan Macquarie Interns and other young politically smart people in Sydney last Thursday (some pictured above) where I was asked to discuss what is involved in a private citizen weighing into public debate.

My message was that there is no point weighing in unless you have a compelling conviction about some matter, and that it is worth taking as long as you need to “get to the heart of the matter” before expressing a view. Then, once you are convinced about what needs saying, say it in the clearest way you can so that it is useable to others. Give them a form of words, a shape of the argument, that they can make their own. Conviction and clarity.

Reaction to Roxon’s “Debasing of Human Rights & Anti-Free-Speech Bill 2012?

It is worth reading in full the typically pithy article by barrister Janet Albrechtsen in the Aus yesterday: “Nanny Roxon won’t let you spit the dummy” (plus the cartoon above):

EXCERPT… Throwing even less caution to the wind, the Gillard government has also drafted a new anti-discrimination bill. We now enter truly uncharted and unfree territory. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon may look demure but she is a social engineer on legal steroids. She appears intent on Australia breaking new illiberal ground.

Note to the Senate Enquiry into Nanny Roxon’s new Anti-Free-Speech Bill

Note to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
Re: Exposure Draft, Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012

December 21, 2012

Dear Senators,

The signs in this Bill that point to an underlying sickness in the once robust and rational body of human rights law include:

– enshrining a fake and sickly new “right” not to be offended, and using this fraudulent thing to infringe on the true and fundamental rights of free expression, free conscience, freedom of religious practice.

– enshrining subjective, highly questionable new “attributes” like political opinion and sexual proclivity to be protected alongside the objective, unquestioned attributes of race, sex, age etc, and so debasing the objective attributes.

Abbott on Free Speech and a free society

Posted today by the IPA, the next PM’s defence of the freedom by which we argue for all our other freedoms. Watch from about 20mins on for the best bits.

Mr Abbott declares that the Coalition will repeal section 18C of the racial discrimination act ‘in its current form’… I only hope that is not code for a mere amending of the section. We do not need, as he put it, a “hurt feelings test” enshrined in our laws. Speech, when passionately made about values passionately held, will inevitably be offensive at times, and we have to cop that as the cost of an open public forum.

Free Speech: Warriors, and Worriers

Mark Steyn gets a photo-op with my son Robert, at the IPA ‘Free Speech’ gig last night in Sydney. This greatest of culture warriors is booked out at other cities around the country, but don’t miss him on Q&A next Monday, and other appearances – updates at http://www.steynonline.com/  Regrettably, on the subject of free speech, there is not the same forthright approach even by our best leaders; it is more the approach of worriers than warriors.

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