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VIDEO: Abortion, “the silent innocence of the unborn”

I have finally got around to editing the third in a series of brief talks / Q&A from the Think.Again Conference, Sunshine Coast Queensland 2014.

“The only crime, they say, is that of interfering with a woman’s absolute right to decide if she is ready to be a mother. But a woman is already a mother, for better for worse, when she is first “with child” and there is no right to take a life which is not ours to take. Consenting adults who conceive have a duty of care to their baby which nothing can set aside. The law must uphold that duty and uphold the fundamental prohibition against intentional killing.”

The Gosnell movie – first, an indictment of media cowardice

It is almost too devastating a subject to think about – but just watch the gentle determination of these three film producers and be inspired.

Could this be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion movement?

Gosnell was a butcher beyond imagining, and his crimes inflicted upon the bodies of struggling babies stand alongside Nazi horrors.

But because of the collective social psychopathy about abortion – the need to call this modern holocaust ‘good’ – the Mainstream Media stifled the story in the US.

Peter Hitchens v the ferals on Q&A: a masterclass in disdain

For those who missed Peter Hitchens on Q&A last week, here he is in all his curmudgeonly magnificence, amidst the regulation four lefties.

Note his prescient comments in 2011:

“People like me – though still allowed to speak – are allowed on to mainstream national broadcasting only under strict conditions: that we are ‘balanced’ by at least three other people who disagree with us so that our views, actually held by millions, are made to look like an eccentric minority opinion.”

Impressions of that show? These were some, and my tweets in response:

More stem cell wizardry – without exploiting embryos

Stem cell brain blob

Interesting news in Nature magazine yesterday re the small disorganised clump of ‘brain tissue’ generated by human stem cells; note of course that no embryos were used, but the entirely ethical iPS cells (“induced pluripotent stem cells”) derived from human skin cells. That is the true state of stem cell science: embryo exploitation and cloning remains both wrong and redundant, now we have the iPS alternative.

Note, as always, the sleight of hand by the embryo experimenters who always smuggle in the impression that embryos are still kicking goals, when they are in fact on the bench and basically irrelevant. Prof Martin Pera, an Australian spruiker for many years in favour of embryo exploitation and cloning, on this morning’s ABC AM:

A fine Labor Senator. I jest not…

Jacinta Collins

Inspiring article on Labor Senator Jacinta Collins, and the adoption that was not an abortion. When the Labor dross is hosed away at this election, there will be a few solid characters like her remaining in Her Majesty’s loyal opposition, and that is a very good thing.

Excerpts (read the whole excellent piece by Chip le Grand HERE)

IT is easy to take aim at Jacinta Collins if you’ve never met her. Anti-abortion. Anti-euthanasia. Anti-gay marriage. A cardboard cut-out Catholic dramatically elevated into Labor’s leadership team after the second coming of Kevin Rudd.

Obama’s oratory against abortion?

Are we really prepared to say that we are powerless in the face of such carnage? That the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say that such violence visited upon our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?

President Obama’s moving appeal for the children murdered at Sandy Hook would be admirable if he were not so relentless an advocate for “the violence visited year after year after year” on children before birth – being the price of the sexual freedom he and his generation seem to prize so highly.

Yamanaka, gentle slayer of cloning, takes the nobel prize for Medicine

Your scribe was giving a talk to a group of doctors in Sydney last night on “Ethical stem cell science & the Death of Cloning”, and on entering the warm and welcoming Irish pub I was informed of the grand news that Shinya Yamanaka had been awarded the Nobel prize for medicine.

Motion to make the Baby Bonus ‘kick in’ when the costs kick in

In my absence (a bit crook late yesterday, so I did not stay for the final day of the LNP Convention) thanks to Bec, one of our Young LNP delegates, for making the case this morning for this small but helpful adjustment to the federal ‘Baby Bonus’ policy. It passed without any opposition. And if it is implemented under an Abbott government, it can stand in tribute to Elise and James, patients of mine (and family friends) who first showed me how difficult it is to make the preparations for a first baby when you are short of money.

ARTICLE: ‘Denial of a baby’s life…’

In response to a pair of University of Qld professors in the Courier Mail last week urging ‘reform’ of our abortion laws (read ‘abolition’ in the spirit of the Victorian laws from 2008) in which the baby was, typically, a forgotten person: this article of mine today.

“The law in this State”, in the words of Judge Fred McGuire “has not abdicated its responsibility as guardian of the silent innocence of the unborn”.

“Something inside died” – abortion and mental illness quantified

A thick-skinned social scientist has published the most comprehensive meta-anlysis of research on the link between abortion and mental illness. Read a remarkable interview with Dr Priscilla Coleman at Mercatornet HERE. Read her original article in the British Journal of Psychiatry HERE. Dr Coleman has been attacked by those who cannot face the possibility, so obvious to any observer, that abortion devastates the inner life of a woman, but she stands on her facts. She summarises:

These are the basic results and what should women know:

ARTICLE: “Cloning – the blighted science”

If your weekend reading does not already include a rollicking obituary for the brief and unlamented era of human cloning, I have a full review in the new Quadrant magazine which is available online HERE.

The article arises from the Legislative Review earlier this year into Australia’s cloning laws – that Review was an opportunity for us to rethink (re-pent) the abuses formerly legislated, even on the pragmatic grounds that newer science renders cloning redundant. As expected, however, the majority of the committee members argued for the status quo – the “yes, cloning has been a dud so far and yes, Yamanaka’s method seems to have achieved what cloning could never achieve – but let’s just research everything anyway ” approach – and thereby the Review recommendations save face for those scientists and social progressives who invested so much energy in this battle of the culture wars back in 2006.

MEDIA RELEASE: Cloning left on futile life-support

“The Legislative Review into our cloning laws, tabled yesterday (July 7th), is a lame attempt by the majority of this (outrageously stacked) committee to keep the blighted science of SCNT/cloning on its futile life-support” said Dr David van Gend, national director of Australians for Ethical Stem Cell Research.

“Section 5.3 showcases the shriveled case for cloning, with only ardent supporters of cloning (Muncie, Williamson, Elefanty) being quoted in the section and no critics quoted at all. As expected, this one-sided chorus culminates in the stale old slogan of the ethically indifferent: “let’s just research everything”.

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