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AMF Think of the Child

I have not been able to attend to this Blog while also helping out at the Australian Marriage Forum blog ( www.AustralianMarriage.org ) and the AMF facebook page  ( https://www.facebook.com/australianmarriageforum )

Apologies! but please join me over at those two sites – and slip us a donation if you are wanting to see the campaign progress.

It is the One Thing Necessary at this time: defending the right of future children to have, where possible, both a mother and a father. Same-sex ‘marriage’ makes that impossible, and that is a calculated injustice against the child that we should never contemplate.

And here is the second AMF TV ad – also a little bit banned…

One radio interview from today gives the context – in this case on ABC 612 with Steve Austin, but also with the Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson agreeing that our side of the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate has every right to e heard and not to be censored or silenced.

This was my article at Mercatornet published yesterday:

Last week the anniversary of an old injustice and the prospect of a new injustice came together and challenged us. March 21 was the second anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption. In 2013 our then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, spoke movingly to the nation about “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”.

The Australian Marriage Forum TV ad that SBS banned…

For details of all that has gone on in March, please see my blog posts at www.AustralianMarriage.org

The little video above started it all; half a million views in the first four days.

So much fuss over stating the obvious: that a child, wherever possible, should have the chance of a mother and a father.

My Courier Mail article (first link below) goes into that some more:

No, Stephen Fry, you are not ‘one person’ with young Elliott

Under Britain’s new homosexual ‘marriage’ law, actor Stephen Fry, 57, went to a registry office last week with Elliott Spencer, 27, to get ‘married’. Fry then tweeted:

“Gosh. @ElliottGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing,”

How wrong can an intelligent man be!

The notion of marriage making two people ‘one’ is first found in the ancient passage from Genesis, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. The notion of ‘one flesh’ is perpetuated in the legal concept of ‘consummating the marriage’ through the union of sexual intercourse. In other words, becoming ‘one person’ in marriage requires sexual union, not the mere signing of a book.

Alma & Katrina: centenary of jihad in Australia

Jihad centenerayNew year’s day 1915, exactly one hundred years ago, and a 17 year old girl, Alma Cowie, is killed in Broken Hill by a jihadi gunman. This, like the iihad killing of Katrina Dawson (pictured) and Tori Johnson at the Lindt cafe, was in response to a call from the ‘Caliph’ in the middle east for all Muslims to enact their sacred duty of ‘individual jihad’ against the western infidel. A duty enjoined in Islam since its beginnings and enacted innumerable times over 1300 years by faithful Muslims. Not the ‘lone wolves’ with ‘mental problems’ that ever-so-nice twits in the media and politics waffle about. Angry young Muslim men, raging for the supremacy of their religion, hot for violence and their 72 virgins. One of Australia’s bravest scholars of Islam, Mark Durie, writes today of this ancient and modern phenomenon – if we read one serious article for the new year, and for our nations’ future, let this be it.

At Christmas: the littleness of God

Enough dwelling on the anger of Islam: time to remember that, while Muslims fear their Allah because he is ‘great’, Christians love their Lord because he is little.

Time to think again of the central proposition at the heart of our history and civilisation and hope: that ‘the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us… full of grace and truth’. That the Mind of God, the act of absolute Being, ‘that beyond which nothing greater can be thought’, revealed his face and heart in the baby of a faithful Jewish girl, born under the rule of Caesar Augustus the ‘god-man’. And a baby born to die, for reasons beyond our ken, as ‘the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world’. Enough in that notion of the incarnate and dying God to forge a new civilisation, and to re-create a weary one.

The black flag of Mordor

Islamic State on the march

Islamic State on the march

We search for words that capture what we are witnessing: “demonic” is vivid and “psychotic” captures the derangement of it – but both are just excuses. This is the ancient face of tribal collective evil – the lust enjoyed by young men in slaying and enslaving the tribal enemy; the lie from old men who give this evil a ‘religious’ justification. We have seen the face of it in every ancient saga, every totalitarian movement and every tribal / religious massacre; from Achilles to Attila, Joshua to Mohammed. And now we see it again, erupting and consuming these gentle people.

Blasphemy and Mrs Bibi

Mrs BibiSydney-Muslim-behead-all-those
This poor Christian mother of five is still being tormented by Pakistan’s evil laws against ‘blaspheming Islam’, which regrettably are a core tenet of sharia law. Remember the Sydney placards, “Behead all those who insult the Prophet”? Remember Salman Rushdie, Theo van Gogh, the Danish cartoonist or Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

See my earlier posts from 2010, after two Muslim women accused her, unwitnessed down at the village well, of ‘insulting the Prophet Mohammed’. Recall the catastrophic consequences for honourable Pakistani leaders who dared defend her and challenge the religious mob on this wicked law: Tyranny Ancient & Modern

VIDEO: Abortion, “the silent innocence of the unborn”

I have finally got around to editing the third in a series of brief talks / Q&A from the Think.Again Conference, Sunshine Coast Queensland 2014.

“The only crime, they say, is that of interfering with a woman’s absolute right to decide if she is ready to be a mother. But a woman is already a mother, for better for worse, when she is first “with child” and there is no right to take a life which is not ours to take. Consenting adults who conceive have a duty of care to their baby which nothing can set aside. The law must uphold that duty and uphold the fundamental prohibition against intentional killing.”

Gay jackboots on the march…

Gay flag marchAnother example of the many and varied ways for the homosexual ‘normal’ to be enforced: not long back, the Mozilla boss was sacked for daring to donate to the defence of marriage in California (read this brilliant critique by everyone’s favourite Marxist, Brendan O’Neill:

It’s six weeks since Javascript inventor Brendan Eich was hounded out of his job at Mozilla by a virtual mob of intolerant tweeters and campaigners. His crime? Failing to genuflect at the altar of gay marriage, which is now the closest thing our otherwise godless, belief-lite, morally vacuous societies have to a sacred value.

Quebec sets up the machinery of mercy-killing

Euthanasia - cutting the cord - MercatornetProf Somerville is right in this powerful article, below, from Mercatornet. The so-called “right to die” will come to be felt by the most vulnerable more as a “duty to die” – to do the right thing by society. It might be “liberty” for some, but it is a new form of oppression for the lonely old people in nursing homes whom I look after, and who will know what society expects of them.

VIDEO: Euthanasia & the ‘Duty to Die’

I thought I needed to lighten up a bit, so here is a new video – culled from the same conference as the ‘harms of homosexual marriage’ video – on euthanasia. In particular, the way that legalised mercy-killing would corrupt the State’s relationship with its most vulnerable citizens, and doctors’ relationship with their most vulnerable patients. Featuring former Governor General Bill Hayden’s famous urging of “unproductive burdens” to “disencumber” themselves and do the right thing by society…

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